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Motivational Marketing Speaker, Trainer, Coach & Author

Toni Harris Taylor

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Who is Toni? Intro video

Goalcast Viral Video - Over 5 million views!!

Attention Financial Companies, Sales and Management Professionals & Corporate Meeting Planners!

Fill your sales pipeline and get more business with relationship marketing strategies that get DRASTIC Results!

  • Are you tired of an empty pipeline with no prospects for new business?

  • Have you exhausted your friends, family and warm leads and now you’re wondering what to do next?

  • Are you networking like crazy but have a hard time turning your contacts into contracts?

  • Do you know you should be using social media for business but you don’t know how and you’re afraid of the Compliance gods?

  • Do you know you should be speaking to grow your business but don’t know how to build an effective, engaging presentation that gets more appointments?

If you answered, yes to these questions then Toni Harris Taylor is your next conference speaker!

Toni helps your audience to learn out-of-the-box, real world, marketing strategies that work! Toni teaches her audience how to get known, get connected to get paid! Toni’s messages include networking, recruiting women and minorities, social media strategies including Linked In and Facebook and how to speak more to sell more.


Review Toni’s information and contact her today to discuss next steps to
bring her to your next conference or meeting! 
Call us today, 713.581.4229, you'll be glad you did! 


Who is Toni Harris Taylor?

Glad you asked. Toni Harris Taylor is a Speaker, Certified Sales & Marketing Coach and Author with more than 27 years’ experience as an entrepreneur which includes 14 years in financial services. Toni ’s story is full of drastic steps - from her drastic step into financial services as an inexperienced agent to her drastic step of building her own coaching practice where she helps financial advisors build their businesses - Toni has built a business and expertise to help her clients stay the course, increase their bottom line and build a sustainable business.


From $0 to six-figures with no investment or sales experience


Toni’s first drastic step comes when she entered the financial services industry with no investment or sales experience. She was able to qualify for five sales conferences and made over six-figures with only a high school diploma. She accomplished this through sheer tenacity and force of will - discovering how to build relationships and sell products and services to people that truly needed them.


From this, Toni discovered how to become the trusted advisor to not only her clients, but her clients’ families. Her book grew to include multiple households in the same family, and it’s this relationship-building ability she brings to her clients and students today.


First Associate District Manager and National Sales Trainer


Toni was the first associate district manager for her company, AIG VALIC, a position that was created for her because of her leadership and sales ability. She rose to the occasion, eventually taking a position as a National Sales Trainer where she coached and trained over 300 advisors.


This experience helped Toni not only hone her sales expertise even more, but develop her leadership skills. With her sales training experience, she began to understand the unique challenges that face the financial industry in regards to compliance, marketing, and sales… and to teach her clients and audiences how to handle those challenges while still closing more sales than ever.

Toni's successes have not come without challenges. She has been through many of life’s obstacles including divorce, death, and debilitating illness where she had to walk again and through it all she continues to successfully take drastic steps to move forward. In fact, after her recovery she had the best financial year in her business. Watch this video to see her journey.

If you want a high energy, high impact, transformational program, hire Toni Harris Taylor to rock you stage! Call us today, 713.581.4229, you'll be glad you did! 

“I want to tell you about a drastic step I took a few weeks ago that
got me paid $9,000 commission and I would not have had the courage to take if I had not been working with you.” 
-- T. Sellers, Financial Advisor

S e r v i c e s


Ongoing training is the glue that holds Toni's message together. Yes, Toni can deliver a fabulous, unforgettable keynote, but then what? What's next is ongoing training. Toni works with management to customize the training to reach the sales goals. Training can be delivered:

  • Online self-paced program

  • Live - In person

  • Virtual - Live

  • All of the above

Toni's coaching helps employees that are struggling to be able to be accountable so that they implement her training and achieve their financial and sales goals. Toni knows from personal experience that life often gets in the way of business success. Toni coaches her clients to keep moving forward no matter the obstacles in the way. Toni partners with the sales manager and the salesperson to create a plan and coaches the salesperson to their success.

“A mentor is someone that helps you get where you want to go.
Toni helped me to launch my financial advisor career and I truly believe I wouldn’t be where I am without her influence and guidance.”
-- C. C. Goodell, Brokerage Director, MassMutual Life, NAIFA YAT Member

"I love her energy!" This is the common exclamation from Toni's audience members. In fact, Toni is a dynamic, engaging, informative and yes, energetic speaker. She delivers actionable information that immediately increases the bottom line for the audience. Toni's "real world" strategies helps meeting planners to look good and sales managers to increase sales. Hire Toni to deliver:

  • Keynotes

  • Breakout Sessions

  • Live Trainings

  • Virtual Trainings

Toni's popular topics include:

  • Is Your Networking, Not working?

  • Turn Contacts to Contracts with Facebook & LinkedIn

  • Speak More to Sell More

  • Attract Women & Minorities into Financial Services

Watch Toni Speak


Sizzle Reel - Run time 8:45

Toni is a high energy speaker that motivates her audience to achieve even greater success. We all have obstacles we face. Toni gives her audience steps to overcome those obstacles in such an engaging way. A great speaker!
-- J. McNeely, CFP McNeely Financial Services

Toni's Happy Clients


“Toni didn't disappoint. She was articulate and exuberant. She shared some of her life stories which moved everyone in the room. We've never had this kind of 'successful' interaction before Toni! If you're looking for a 'GREAT' speaker, someone who will keep your attention from beginning to end and teach you great lessons at the same time, then look for Toni Harris Taylor - The Turnaround Queen. You will not be disappointed.” 
– Lynn, WIFS National Attendee


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