This event is designed for professional women who want to better understand money and make wise financial choices for themselves and their families.

A special invitation from President, Toni Harris Taylor


Judy Burfict, Realtor

Breakout Speaker

"How To Stay Encouraged In A World of Discouragement"

Whether your business is new, stable, or flourishing, there will be many moments of discouragement. How do you remain focused when you hit the bumps of life and business? How do you handle the challenges? And most important, how do you remain at peace to keep your eyes on the goals you have set? This topic will seek to provide ways to remain encouraged and strengthened so that the journey becomes fun, fulfilling and focused.

Kiesha Curtis, Realtor

Panel Speaker


"Building Wealth Through Real Estate​"

We'll discuss the importance of owning real estate, including a personal residence and investment properties.

Erica Fields, Providence Bookkeeping & Tax

Breakout Speaker

"4 Ways to Love Your Numbers!"

Systems small business owners should put in place to support a successful path to financial freedom.

Ken Gilliard, The Houston Mortgage Guy

Panel Speaker

"Steps on Buying a Home​"


The audience will learn the mortgage process, documents need, different types of loans, different down payment assistance programs. 

Moncy Hawkins, Credit Restoration Specialist

Breakout Speaker

"5 Common Credit Mistakes Women Make & How To Avoid them Forever!"

Learn how to stop making mistakes that has been destroying your credit by following the tips and instructions that will be given 

Daphne Jones, Financial Advisor

Breakout Speaker

"Who Get's Mama?"


Managing long term care risk and cost. How to pay for it. 

Nettie Jones, Licensed Counselor

Panel Speaker 

"Women, Money & Relationships"


Nettie offers her perspective on the panel as a licensed counselor who has seen women make decisions with their heart and not logically with their head. She will give insight  on how women can get a grip on their money and stop making decisions with their heart.

Michelle Moreno, Financial Advisor

Breakout Speaker

"The Extraordinary Family"


A special needs child may require medical treatment for the remainder of their lives.  Planning out their future is in the best interest for them and their family. 

Krista Neeley Gonzalez, Managing Vice President

Breakout Speaker

"Putting the Puzzle Pieces of Life Together"


Life insurance you don't have to die to be able to use.  

Allecia Lindsay Pottinger, Attorney

Panel Speaker

"Women, Money & Relationships"


Women wealth and relationships will be a panel discussion.

Leslea Stock-Lopez, Wundernet, Financial Advisor

Breakout Speaker

"Why Financial Plans Fail Women and 7 steps to Fix It"


Traditional Financial planning is geared toward men. Women have unique issues that must be addressed in order to create a financial plan that serves a woman's needs.

Toni Harris Taylor, Independent Associate LegalShield

Breakout Speaker

"10 Ways to Protect Yourself from Identity Theft"


Life insurance you don't have to die to be able to use.  

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